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The Latest from the Studio

As a studio practice we enjoy the openness and directness of our research, design and project development between all participants. Experimenting in a variety of media, we continuously evaluate solutions for the best design refinement.


the little house workshop – co-housing for the elderly- dementia and care


new heart space for our community – art becomes architecture – straw bales in Scotland
  • A project much anticipated by students is the new centre of excellence for Autism education in Wales. Coleg Elidyr is [...]

  • It is the ethos of Camphill communities to foster a rich and diverse cultural life as part of everyone’s personal [...]

  • After many years of strategic development work, Simeon Care for the Elderly  has completed their new dementia care home. One of the [...]

  • It is increasingly recognised that illness and recovery are deeply linked to our inner state of being. Whilst medicine and [...]

  • Exploring the meaning of smallness and simplicity through different media in four evening workshops. Our motto: Once the outer world [...]