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Started out at the Bauhaus in Weimer, Germany, inspired by the community building influence of architecture.

Lothar leads project teams through transition and change management to strengthen cohesion and design integrity.

He acts as strategic advisor for organisational development to improve sustainability and profitability of portfolios.

He has specialised in holistic and therapeutic environments, including Dementia homes and Autism Schools, promoting inclusive design in care and education.

He helps clients in the private sector to express their vision through ecological, organic architecture, natural materials and artisan craftsmanship, including landscape design.


Lothar is a fully chartered Architect (ARB, RIBA, RIAS), partner and co-founder of Think Blue Architecture.

He works collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams and has delivered a range of cultural buildings, including chapels, learning hubs and the award winning Phoenix Community Centre.

Alongside his practice he researches and writes on Consensus design, Goethean Scientific method and holistic transformational practices to increase awareness for wellbeing and harmonious co-creation.

e-mail: studiohaasis@hotmail.com to find out more.