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His appeal: think blue, think wholeness and engage to make your contribution for A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

As a chartered architect Lothar has seen a broad spectrum of architectural tasks, ranging from conceptual installation art for public exhibitions to role as lead architect for award winning designs and project manager of multi million pound projects.

His passion is the rich and experimental field of organic architecture from the 20th and 21st century. An important influence is the work of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner one of the earliest modernists to advocate wholeness in architecture.

The consciousness shift of  2012 established the blue economy as the new green movement. Think Blue ARCHITECTURE is an appeal to seek wholeness in the creation of our manmade scapes, designing with and for flow at all levels, from vision building to post completion.

Lothar manages the design and project development in the studio and on site,

e-mail: connect@thinkbluearchitecture to find out more.