Autism College in Wales

A project much anticipated by students is the new centre of excellence for Autism education in Wales. Coleg Elidyr is one of the leading Welsh Autism colleges and their highly [...]  Full Article »

Lantern Community Hall

It is the ethos of Camphill communities to foster a rich and diverse cultural life as part of everyone’s personal growths and development. Centres provide environments that reflect in their [...]  Full Article »

Dementia care environments

After many years of strategic development work, Simeon Care for the Elderly  has completed their new dementia care home. One of the many features of the new multimillion-pond care home is the [...]  Full Article »

Co-housing, a community for later life

Demographic changes, improved living conditions and increased life expectancy have created a new outlook on life beyond sixty-five. People seek to remain active and engaged, looking for meaningful tasks and [...]  Full Article »

Design and Health, SEDA at Camphill

For years SEDA (Scottish Ecological Design Association) has held its annual gatherings in remarkable venues, pioneering ecological advances and breakthroughs in sustainable design. This year’s conference was held at the [...]  Full Article »


An exploration of the ancient art of geomancy by Marko Pogacnik gives surprising insights into the relationship of visible and invisible forces active in the land and certain places. Investigating [...]  Full Article »