Lantern Community Hall

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It is the ethos of Camphill communities to foster a rich and diverse cultural life as part of everyone’s personal growths and development. Centres provide environments that reflect in their design and care the commitment to this vision. At the Lantern Community it is envisaged to create a new cultural venue that compliments the existing café and public social space.

The project team wish the hall to be a ‘graceful holding space for the social, cultural and spiritual life’. This resonates well with the mature woodland setting and the organic design approach that is reverent to a sense of peace and reflection in the individual and the community. Sensitivity to the place and people is brings forth beauty, harmony and balance. The design includes a water feature to the west and a series of landscaped patios connected to the forest memorial garden.

The community actively worked with the concept of ‘fourfoldness’, as expressed in the four seasons, the four elements, four directions, four characters, etc. to achieve a sense of wholeness. It engaged in an inclusive consultation process to grow the vision collaboratively in workshops involving clients, staff and trustees.