“Inspired by nature” another seed is growing!

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World Architecture News (WAN) recently published an article about a building project in Pishwanton woods in Scotland. The Goethean Science Building celebrates the coming together of science and art, the two paradigms of our time, bringing about a sense of wholeness and deeper meaning.

It might only be a tiny seed, but evidence of a more holistic building approach is sprouting everywhere. Many of the ideas are not new, but as the name of the building suggests (The Goethean Science Building), since Goethe’s time people have been grappling with the concept of nature inspired creation, researching ideas of metamorphosis and bio-mimicry.

The building is also surprisingly low tech, indicating that some of our technological efforts oppose harmonious co-existence.

For anyone interested in remarkable approaches to architecture and nature integration, a visit to the Pishwanton project is an inspiring daytrip. A broad spectrum of buildings and activities addressing the deep connectedness of human creation to nature can be found on the 60-acre site.